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Jim Paluch • author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, artist

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CATEGORIES: entrepreneurship, self-improvement, inspiration

SUMMARY:  For more than three decades Jim Paluch has been an author, business coach and inspiring motivational speaker. His books, newsletters and workshops have impacted thousands worldwide.

Jim’s commitment to energize a zillion people is built on the approach of “speaking with people not at them.” Whether presenting on stage or coaching a leadership team or individual, this approach works because people feel engaged in the process, and that builds confidence to take action and get results. His willingness to stretch himself and his audiences comes through in his passion for motivational speaking and his creative approach to the books he has written and programs his team at JP HORIZONS developed.

His latest book, THE DEPRESSED MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, published in JULY 2022 is impacting readers not only to rethink the approach to defeating depression but also presents a strategy for winning at life.

Recently retired from speaking, Jim enjoys the serenity of rural life in western Massachusetts with his wife, Beth. Jim still enjoys writing, being a persistent oil painter, and is always ready for a walk in the woods.


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  • BUILDERS AND DESTROYERS – Which one are you?
  • FIVE IMPORTANT THINGS – Continue to Learn | Appreciate People | Nurture A Great Attitude | Set Goals | DON’T QUIT!
  • CULTURE – Are you building the culture you need or settling for the one you have?
  • Understanding LEADERSHIP MATURITY – The power of one-on-one coaching sessions, the process of working smarter, talking with someone instead of talking at them.
  • STRATEGIES from THE DEPRESSED MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER – Choose the voice you will listen to. Decide “What’s Next?” Practice doing the right things right. Focus on what is happening though you rather than to you.
  • COME ALIVE OUTSIDE – A non-profit that Paluch helped create that over the past 10 years has used unique approaches, education and challenges to help children and adults discover the value of stepping away from technology and stepping into nature!


  1. What was the catalyst for The Depressed Motivational Speaker?
  2. You write the book as a novel. Why did you choose that approach?
  3. What was the inspiration for the characters in The Depressed Motivational Speaker?
  4. You build the story around an unorthodox approach to defeating depression taught by a renegade psychologist . . . How do you know it is valid?
  5. The psychologist in the book critiques a patient’s approach to failed suicide by stating, “You must not be very good at it – you’re still here.” Why would any psychologist make this cruel statement?
  6. What is different about the approach the characters go through to overcoming depression?
  7. Discuss why “WHAT’S NEXT?” is an important question for a person in a depressed state to ask?
  8. What do you mean by the concept of “Practice doing the right things right”?
  9. You seem to suggest that the mental health profession needs to step up their approach to treating depression. What do you base this on?
  10. What impact has the book had on your personal battle with depression?
  11. You introduce a concept in the book called Instinctual Wellness. What is this?


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